Shelf Magazine Badge notable_300x300I have been writing since college—mostly fictional romps: short stories, partially finished novels, and even one micro-story (140 characters or less, spaces included). I have also written a few song lyrics (I no longer play any instruments, nor do I sing very well).

One of my short stories placed 11th out of ~2000 in a national contest. Another (a Halloween short-short) took 1st place in a Southern California newspaper contest (the publication will remain nameless because I don’t want to embarrass them or me).

My only other claim to success right now is having published my first three novels. I self-published but I also never submitted them because, frankly, I could not reconcile the long, long wait to publication, lack of royalties, loss of control, and probability of waiting around just to be snubbed by a publisher.

I live in Colorado. It ain’t Wyoming, but there are actual day jobs here that pay well. One of these days, I hope to retire to the remote mountains again and continue to write.

Oh, and I love dogs. I mean REALLY. We have three young Australian Shepherds and a Chihuahua that thinks she is a 40-pound Aussie!


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